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Fellow Auto Buff’s Welcome to our blog,

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We are group of auto-files lol that love everything about our machines. We try to express an unbiased approach to different products and procedures around vehicles. Our main focus and mission is to get into the nitty gritty of what works and what doesn’t.

Some of the information highlights particular product lines that we may be testing or suggestions and recommendations on some “how to” DIY projects. The main man or as we say our Master Ninja is Cody Cohen, who is a car fanatic and always tells it like it is.

We have a team of extreme auto enthusiasts who love to talk and share their knowledge, so this blog is going to grow and grow as we gain more contributing authors and we’ll be covering a whole bunch of various topics and issues auto related.

Just like our tag line says” From Bumper To Bumper And Everything In Between” that’s what will be discussed. If you have a contributing article you’d like to submit or have a question for us either use our

CONTACT US PAGE, or e-mail us at ask@theautoninja.com